1. How can I login from suswayamvar.com web portal?
A. To login into your account, you need to click on Login on the homepage and by entering your e- mail id / user id and password.

2. How can I logout from suswayamvar.com web portal?
A. To logout from your account, click on the profile icon and then Logout.

3. How can I login from SuSwayamvar App?
A. To login in suswayamvar app, tap on Login Now and by entering your e-mail id / user id and password.

4. How can I logout from SuSwayamvar App?
A. To logout from suswayamvar app, tap on the hamburger menu from your profile and then tap on Logout.

5. I forgot my password how can I reset?
A. To reset your password, click on forgot password on the login page. Here you will need to enter your registered e-mail id and the captcha shown. You will receive a reset password link via e- mail.

6. How can I change my password?
A. To change your password, login into your account, click on the profile icon and the change password.


1. How can I register on SuSwayamvar.com?
A. Users can directly register on suswayamvar.com by clicking on get started on the homepage and filling in details requested in the registration form.

2. What details are required to get registered?
A. Users only need to provide their basic details, religious information, education /occupation details, residential information, physical information and family details.

3. Is E-Mail id is required for creating my profile?
A. Yes

4. Can I use same phone number more than one profile?
A. No

5. How soon my profile will be visible in the portal?
A. After a profile is created on suswayamvar.com, our team checks the authenticity of the profile. After reviewing the profile, it gets  approved. This process usually takes less than 24-48 hours.

6. Can I change my Phone Number / E-Mail Id on my profile?
A. Yes, however, you need to contact our team to change your Phone Number / E-Mail Id in your profile.

Search Profile

1. How can I search profile of my choice?
A. Inside your profile, you will get a search option where you can select your preferences to search for a profile of your choice.

2. How can I set mypartner preference in my profile?
A. Inside your profile, click on the profile icon and then edit my profile. Here you can add the partner preference as per your requirement.

3. Can I restrict myself for certain people to contact me?
A. Yes

4. Can I receive my match alert?
A. Yes, we periodically send matches via email as per your partner preferences.


1. What are the benefits of upgrading to paid membership?
A. By upgrading your profile to a paid membership, you get to view more profiles which are limited to 100 with the basic plan along with live chat options and personal support from our team.

2. How can I upgrade my membership plan?
A. To upgrade from your existing paid plan, you need to contact our customer support team.

Common Issues

1. I am getting very less matches, why?
A. This may happen due to less information provided in your profile.

2. Why am I not getting any e-mail alert?
A. Please recheck the e-mail id provided by you, or you may have opted out for e-mail alerts.

3. I found my life partner, how can I delete my profile?
A. To delete your profile on suswayamvar.com, head over to the profile icon and click on delete profile. Here you will need to enter the reason for the deletion of your profile and submit.

Help & Support

How can I contact SuSwayamvar? You may contact us via Tel:- +91-(120)-2402654, 4178205, Mob:- +91-74283 79100, email:- care@suswayamvar.com